Baptism is an event and a celebration. 


Baptism, sometimes known as a Christening, is about becoming a member of God’s family, and it marks the beginning of a journey with God.  This journey continues for the rest of our lives, baptism is the first step in response to God's love.  It is about living life as a Christian, which means we are living with Jesus as our guide and companion through the adventure that is life!


Baptism celebrates the fact that God loves your child and has a place for him or her in his Church. At the same time because the child is too young to answer for themselves, parents and godparents speak on their behalf.


Before considering a baptism, you need to ask yourself:

  • Are you prepared to the best of your ability, to give your child a Christian upbringing within the family of Jesus’ church?

  • Will you help the child to attend church regularly, to be involved in public worship and in prayer?

  • Will you encourage your child to learn more about the Christian faith and will you encourage them in time to come to be confirmed and to receive Holy Communion?


Godparents, are people you chose who will help you bring up your child as a member of God’s family therefore it is important that you chose them carefully as they will be making the same promises as you will be about taking Jesus, Christianity and the church seriously.  Please note that all Godparents have to be baptised.

Baptisms always take place in our main Sunday Service when the members of the Church family are there to welcome you and your child into their new family.

The service will include songs, prayers, a reading from the Bible, a talk and the baptism part of the service.

If you would like to find out more about baptism please check out this website:

Of course, baptism isn't just for babies or small children, many adults choose to be baptised, if they haven't already, as a sign of their faith and trust in Jesus and their desire to live the adventure of life as a Christian. 


If you would like to find out more about baptism at All Saints then get in touch with Rev'd Hannah to arrange to meet her or pop along to one of our services and introduce yourselves.