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Prayer Card for November 2023

Woman with Bible

Why don't you join us in praying this month?

“We will remember them”

Praying for those who have died and their families

  • For peace in the lives of all those we know personally that are bereaved and still coming to terms with their loss.

  • Give thanks for the lives of our friends and family members that are no longer with us.

  • Give thanks for the lives of all our service and civilian personnel who lost their lives in the defence of our country during the 2 World Wars and other conflicts.

  • For all the civilians and service personnel lost in the recent and current conflicts around the world especially in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Praying for “The Wider World”

  • For all the people who are displaced through war, conflict or a natural disaster and are without food, water, a home, all their belongings and their way of life.

  • For all the Aid agencies and their staff striving to support people in so many places at this time.

  • For all the Christian people around the world that do not have the freedom to worship in a church together and especially for those who are persecuted in their local communities and those who are arrested or imprisoned for simply owning a bible.

  • For countries where climate change is already a reality with rising sea water levels, pollution and loss of habitats.


Praying for our congregations and communities

  • For Rev Hannah in her sabbatical time to have rest, recovery and renewal.

  • Give thanks for the work of all the children and youth leaders in nurturing the increasing numbers of our young people in their faith.

  • For God’s healing peace to come to all those and their families that we know to be ill in whatever way either at home, in hospital, hospice, care or nursing home.

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